What To Know & Do

* Carpet Removal: If you currently have wall to wall carpet, you have the option of removing it yourself, or we will remove it for you. If you remove your old carpet and pad yourself please leave the tack strip down. There is a modest fee for our carpet removal service, your old carpet and pad will be removed for you and disposed of properly.

* Door Cutting: We do not cut exterior doors for carpet clearance. Our installers will remove the doors to install your new flooring and replace them, but will not replace them if they require cutting. We will cut interior doors as needed; there is an additional fee for this service.

* Furniture Removal: Please remove all, or as much of the furniture as possible from the rooms to be carpeted. In Dinning Rooms, Family Rooms, and Den/Study Areas, please remove all furniture and breakable items. Detach any electrical wiring such as TV or stereo wiring. Any breakable items removed by our installers will be at the customer’s own risk. In Bedrooms, please strip beds and remove all items from the bottoms of closets, if they are being carpeted. Our installers will dismantle beds if necessary. In Kitchens and Utility Rooms, please disengage the washer, dryer, refrigerator and gas appliances. Our installers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting these items. In Bathrooms, please arrange to have the toilet bowl removed by a plumber. Our installers will remove the bowl for an additional fee.

* Moldings: If your existing flooring is laid under quarter round, we are not responsible for damage to the molding. We will make every effort not to damage the molding. Our installers will use your existing tack strips and reinforce, replace as needed.

* General: Our carpet installers do the entire area to be covered at one time. They will use areas not to be covered for storage during installation. Please have power on for the installer’s electrical tools, and the temperature is at least 65 degrees.

* Carpet Waste: After installation, there may be leftover pieces of carpet, some rather large. This is due to the fact that most carpet is sold in 12-foot widths. If your rooms are narrower or wider than 12 feet, or if you are having halls or stairs carpeted, there will be an average waste factor of 12 to 15 percent. We offer free binding on any two pieces of carpet to be use as doormats, fireplace mats, etc.

* Carpet Seams: In most installations carpet seams are inevitable. Today’s heat-bonded seams are as strong as the rest of the carpet. But they are not invisible; you will be able to see the seams. Because of the direction of the carpet, some seams may be more visible than others.

* Changes in Color: Today’s high-luster fabrics display many different colors, depending on the way they are installed in the room. If you have a preference, and there is enough carpeting, ask our installers to show you how it would look both ways.

* Pattern Matching: Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, most print and multi-tone patterns are impossible to print or color match.

* Questions? If you have any questions regarding what you should do and know before we arrive, please contact us at your convenience.


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